SADRYM, tradition and innovation
are in the DNA of the company

SADRYM is the result of years of experience in the field of the table olive, which has made us a world reference in the development of technology and automatic machinery, for the process of the olive and in the merchandising and exportation of olives and preserved food.

Since its foundation in 1962 , our company has been able to automate process that needed a large workforce, such as the pitting, the slicing and the stuffing, as well as the creation and improvement of the pepper paste for the filling of the stuffed olives.

This technology, which has expanded all over the country, has been exported to all of the producing countries, making possible a world trading market for this product.

As result of the experience in this field, and through a large investment in R&D&I,
our company and our selling trademarks «MAESTRANZA», «TORRE DE PLATA» and «SALINERA», offer a complete range of products: olives, capers and pickles… fulfilling the most strict quality standards and environmentally friendly.

So, during more than half century of hard work focusing in the production, canning and glass packing, we are proud of gaining the trust of our most demanding customers, selling in the most high-quality retailers and foodservice companies around the world.


SADRYM has made a large investment in R+D+I, tracking the product from the tree to its process of manufacture and packaging. As result of this investment we have make a turning point in the sector.

Aceitunas ”Maestranza”…. ¡¡El arte de picar!!

Olives have many healthy nutrients for the human organism. Furthermore it is known to have natural medicinal properties. That is why the olive is the perfect mediterranean snack between meals.
It contains high levels of oils omega-3 and omega-6, which are very good for the organism.
Olives have high levels of vitamin A, vitamin C and fiber, which protect against the skin and the immune system deficiencies.

What is more there has been identified thiamine in olives which is necessary to the correct functioning of the nervous system. It also contains iron and sodium.

The benefits of olives also include protection against heart and circulatory system deseases by cutting down the cholesterol thanks to the unsaturated fats it contains.

To sum up olives are perfect for our diet in small amounts.


Our first target was to develop the technology necessary to change the manufacturing of olives. We have industrialized processes that only could be craft made before such as the Pepper Paste Ribbon (Paglutine), the mechanization of the anchovy stuffing or the pasteurization. With these improvements we have been able to offer healthier and higher quality products. Moreover these processes are all environmentally friendly.

Aceitunas «Maestranza», el arte de picar


SADRYM through our trademarks «MAESTRANZA», «TORRE DE PLATA» and «SALINERA», we cover a whole range of diferent qualities demanded by the market.


«MAESTRANZA» born in 1960. Was registered in the 29th and 30th class for preserved food, meat, fish, fowl and bushmeat, preserved fruit and vegetables, jams, oils and edible fats. The name comes from an emblematic building in our city, Seville. This building is the bullring of the city which is really called «Real Maestranza de Caballería». Since 1733 there have been very famous bullfights. It was build in a late baroque style and it is considered as one of the most beautiful bullrings around the world and a touristic point in our city.

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    Since then «MAESTRANZA», has been commercialized, being a world reference in the highest quality products. One of our characteristics is the wide range of products we offer in the market, such as green and black olives, stuffed with anchovy, tuna, smoked salmon, lemon, pepper, caper, preserved asparagus, and a complete line of pickles including the popular «banderillas», pickle onions, pickles, lupines, sliced carrots, etc. carefully presented in a gourmet crystal jar, a tin can with a hand made designed label, or a practical plastic bag.
    All of them are made in diferent wheights going from 40 grams to 3 kilograms, looking to fulfill the necessities of the retailers, such as the Food Services enterprises.

    Nowadays, thanks to the trust of our customers and a great group of importers and dealers, our trademark «MAESTRANZA» is in the most important supermarket chains in Spain and in many others abroad.


The trademark «TORRE DE PLATA» was named after the famous octogonal tower from de sixteenth century. This tower was conected throuhgt the walls of the old city to the other famous tower the «Torre del Oro». Both of them owe their names to the treasures which were brought by ship from America. As «MAESTRANZA», «TORRE DE PLATA» was also registered in the 29th and 30th group, with more competitive prices and a thinner range of products.



The logo «SALINERA»  represents a young lady with a basket full of anchovies. She is at the beach and it is inspired by the famous Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida’s oil paintings from the end of the nineteenth century. He was an outstanding painter. His artwork was clasified as impressionism, postimpressionism and luminisim. They were also considered as costumbrism because they represent everyday life pictures of the fishermen. He always used many tones of whites to represent the light of the beaches of Valencia. The trademark «SALINERA»  is registered in the 29th and 30th group.